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John our head brewer has been brewing for over 30 years. Initially from kits but soon moving onto all grain brewing (early 80’s). Opening a micro has been an ambition since 2000, but ‘the day job’ prevented the dream becoming reality. In 2007, this situation changed, allowing more time to plan the micro. For the brewery’s name, we were looking for something simple and recognizable. Several options were considered and Red Brewery was born.

The search for premises started in 2010, it was difficult to find somewhere with the correct combination of attributes. In 2011 we came across a grain store on Garden Farm in Gt Staughton, Huntingdonshire, in England. The unit had a few drawbacks ! – it was twice the size we needed, it had no water supply. The unit had an electricity supply which would overload boiling a kettle and there were no drains. Undeterred, our landlord split the premises in two, we installed a new power feed from the main supply, installed drains, built a cold room and store, installed 2000 liters of water storage on the roof and cleared out the doves ! - In April 2012 we brewed Gyle 1, this was our Staughton Bitter, closely followed by Sundial and All Saints.

With increasing sales and demand, Joseph and Rob joined the business in November 2014. We now brew two or three times a week, keeping our brewing style simple and repeatable. We use the best Norfolk Maris Otter malt and the finest quality hops. We never add grist adjuncts or sugar. Once fermented, our beer is fined with Isinglass, racked and stored at 10-12 deg C for a week, then it is either bottled or sold in casks, ready for you to enjoy.

Quality and Tradition are our watchwords, we believe that you get results based on what you put in, knowledge, experience and fundamentally the finest ingredients. We continually push the boundaries of the craft, experimenting with new, and varied hop varieties, wild yeast, fruit, herbs and spices. Very few reach the bottling stage, but keep an eye out for our new (and often limited) new releases.

Our beers are available directly from the brewery, not all beers are available all the time - please call to ask about availability.

The beer can be purchased from the brewery by the bottle, pin (36 pint) and firkin (72 pint). We also sell 10l  and 20l polypins (collection only), and we deliver free for all orders over £75 within 10 miles of PE19 5BE. You can also order your favourite tipple on line subject to minimum order quantities, post and packing <click here>.  

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